Juice World Fresh n Juicy

Looking for the original and best high-protein smoothie on the planet? You’ve found us! Oh, and we also sell ice cream.

Localy owned shop


There are juice bars, and then there’s Juice World, based out of Chennai. Juice World is lined with a range of fresh juices; short eats including sandwiches, pasta, fries and burgers;     ice creams, and hopes to make more gluten-free snacks and appetizers accessible to its growing customers.

Started by a talented entrepreneur, Mr.Aravind, at Spencer Plaza, Chennai, in 1999 as an unorganized juice and snacks shop, Juice World took new form in 2005 with rapid expansion and growth in various regions of the city, as today it translates into a space that’s as playful as it is pretty amid buzzing street life, drawing a swarm of people at all hours of the day.

There’s every reason why visitors and locals alike jostle for a glass of fresh or frozen fruit juice made from 100% real fruit with no syrup or artificial flavours, or a variation of daily food preps at Juice World. The mandate here is to celebrate life with meticulously prepared great and healthy drinks and snacks including some surprising combinations. Now a standalone outlet, Juice World, recently, partnered with three leading corporate companies in Chennai.

Juice World invites potential franchises through “Franchise Owned Franchise Operated “business model across South India. With a range of benefits including low investment, attractive payback period, proven unique business model, excellent margin on sales, introduction of new drinks and snacks, why not join hands with one of the fastest growing smoothies & thick shake franchise brands and script your own success story today?

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