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Looking for the original and best high-protein smoothie on the planet? You’ve found us! Oh, and we also sell ice cream.

Juice Shop

After a tiring day, a glass of fresh juice does the magic of refreshing our body and mind. Not just that drinking fresh juice is always healthy and nourishes the body.

Our juice always brings out the quality and freshness of the ingredients and method of extraction which is an integral part of creating the best possible product. One of the significant distinguishing factors at our juice shop is that we only offer raw and organic juices. The fresh juices.

The fresh juices we provide are full of care and love as if it is prepared in our home. We still follow the foundational standards since our humble beginnings when we had fresh juice served to our family members.

We still prepare and serve our juice in consideration of the health of our customers.


How Did We Begin ?


The beginning of any firm will always be interesting. As with any other beginning, our juice shop Also began within the family.
We started as a small juice shop in 1999 in Chennai which was known as Spencer Plaza. It was Started by the talented entrepreneur Mr. M. Aravind Kumar. He was a native of Cumbum, Tamil Nadu.

He did his schooling at Cumbum and started working at a tea shop at a young age. While working at the tea shop he plans to start a business and finally at the age of 19 he begins his dream.

He thought of bringing this to a novel brand but due to not getting proper guidance for a decade The business wasn’t progressing.

So later on he approached a consultant regarding business plans which helped in the growth of the Business in later years. Later on, Juice World took a new form in 2005 with rapid expansion and Growth in various regions of the city. Today it is one of the busiest places in the midst of a buzzing City with swarms of people enjoying the place.

The brand was created in 2018 with a registered trademark and registered logo at Thiruvanmiyur. Now the business has expanded in Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Thirupur and Kanchipuram.

Uniqueness And Exceptional Qualities

Our shop is known for the best fresh juice which is 100% natural without any syrup or Artificial flavours. The motto here is to celebrate.

Life with meticulously prepared great and healthy drinks and snacks including some surprising combinations. Along with Juices short eats including sandwiches, pasta, fries, burgers, brownies, and ice creams are also served. The names surely Bring out curiosity to know what it looks and tastes like and there happen to be some of the tasty menu mentioned.

Apart from the food and drinks, the ambiance of the place is really attractive. It is an attractive place for family and friends. The menu is preferable to all age groups right from children to the aged. The ordered food or drinks are live prepared to maintain freshness and

Quality food is available at a reasonable price which makes this place all the more special. The food provided is 100% vegetarian which makes it equally preferable by the people.